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Reach The Next Level

Drive your climber picbusiness to the next level, even in these difficult economic times.

Increase your Sales by increasing sales skills. Make your Marketing more efficient and effective. Leverage our Sales Training to give your sales people a competitive edge and new motivation.

Our experience, insights and ability to communicate clearly will give your team the competitive advantage needed to be more successful.

Start your transformation today.

Sales Consulting & Training

We can help you move your sales team to the next level of enterprise selling. With our help your team will acquire new skills giving them a competitive advantage; an advantage that drives more sales and speeds the sales cycle.
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We can also help sales management increase effectiveness with focused tools and process.
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Marketing & Communication Consulting

Marketing messages, as well as business and technical communication can some times be a challenge.

We can help you with any marketing challenges; from planning through marketing material development, to marketing campaign execution.
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Do you have the felling your marketing materials and presentations are not communicating your story or value the way you would like?

Do you hear presenters saying "I know you can read this" or "sorry for the eye chart"?

We can help! We have developed world class presentations that drive potential clients to take action.
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Bottom Line Impact

Increased revenue and profits. Lower costs. Greater efficiency. It's all possible when you take your team to the next level.

How can we help?

We can help your sales people enhance their selling skills. We can help you develop crisper marketing messages. We can show you how to communicate more clearly. And we can help you leverage the internet for competitive advantage, all while reducing costs. Contact us to talk about ways we can help you be more successful.

Global Perspective...
Local Results

global perspectiveOur global experience includes sales and marketing assignments around the world. From the Americas to Asia, Europe, South Africa, and the South Pacific, we have helped drive business to the next level.

We have extensive experience in sales, sales management, marketing, marketing management, product launches, training, and channel development.

Our successful results can be yours.

We can help you reach the next level.

Contact us to talk about ways we can help you be more successful.

Web Meetings?

Avoid These Traps

1. Don't present like you usually do when the audience is in the room with you. Connecting and keeping the attention of an online audience requires a different approach.

2. Don't speak ad hoc; make sure you have a script and follow it. Talking points that differ from your slides will cause audience drift.

3. Do make sure you follow top presentation guidelines. A PC screen compresses the content of your slides often making content unreadable.

Effective web casting requires a whole new set of skills. Fortunately, those skills are easy to come by. Check our Communication Page for more info.